It’s been June 12th for about seven months now. The first couple of weeks, I had no idea what to do with myself. Drank a lot, smoked a lot, jacked off a lot. Definitely shed a few tears for lost opportunities. Suicide was fun, but useless. I’d seen Groundhog Day more than my fair share (as a child of the 80s, that’s inevitable). True love isn’t something I’d ever see coming my way, though I wouldn’t mind rutting around with the broad from the movie a few times.
A little more than a month in, I figured out the pattern. No matter what time I died or went to sleep, I’d wake up at exactly 7:04 AM, stretching snd cracking the same tired bones. Not really a morning person, but oh well. If I tried to stay up organically, it was like a veil dropped over me and I blacked out. I’ve done a few tests and haven’t seen a time past 11:32 PM before the world resets. I’ve often wondered what happened to the people outside of my field of experience. I mean, the whole world ain’t gonna stop because I’m resetting, right? But hey, I’m more concerned with the people within my world. The ones I can see. The ones I can touch.
I’ve definitely helped a few people, but what’s the fun in that? I remember the first time I took a life – three months and two days in. Was having a particularly bad day, frustrated, needed to blow off some steam. She came around the corner wearing a nice little miniskirt. Shapely legs and a tight little ass definitely catch my eye. She smiled at me. I smiled back. Then, I caved her head in with a nearby brick. The sound she made was like a chorus of angels snapping necks of the scorned. Take me to church, eh? Ended up getting arrested, but managed to wrangle away the cop’s gun and paint his cruiser with my two cents.

Next day, saw the same piece in the same outfit with the same smile across the street from my favorite coffee spot. Not a mark on her. What was the harm?

Today was one for the books; decided to go on a spree. The cops in this town never know how to handle it. Visited my neighbor’s daughter to have a little fun with her sick day off from school (always blew my mind how much virgins can bleed), disemboweled the family dog and left it strung up like holiday decorations in the hallway, then stole my other neighbor’s car and went on a GTA-themed ride around town.

Tired, I let myself get caught, but not after taking down three cops in a glorious shootout. I think I’m getting burned out, maybe I’ll take a break for a few weeks.

My cell is familiar. Cold. The clock on the wall keeps me company. It’s 11:21 at night. Almost time.

I lean my head back against the wall, a soft grin plastered on my face. Can’t help myself, it’s been a good day.


Maybe I’ll visit the neighbor girl again tomorrow.


I can still hear the cops shouting in my face about how their buddies in pen are gonna take care of it, ha


Nighty night


I’m having a little trouble breathing


It’s been a hell of a day

June 13th, 2016