“Hello?” Julie repeated for the second time. She could hear breathing, but was greeted with nothing but silence from the other end of the line.
         Tears began to well up in her eyes. After everything that’d happened over the last few weeks, the smallest things set her off. She’d barely been holding onto her sanity and now there was some asshole breathing into her ear.
         She was about to slam the receiver down when she heard it – a giggle. What was this? Some kiddie prank call?
         “Listen creep, I don’t know what you th-” she began.
         “So… fresh” a voice interrupted in a gravelly whisper. It sounded like wind whipping through plastic bags caught in a fence.
         Julie sputtered. She could feel the voice like a metallic spider, crawling down her spine and tearing out vertebrae as it went.
         “Your wife… and daughter… so fresh. So sweet.”
         The rage tore through Julie’s fragile frame like wildfire. The moment that she’d walked into their living room, the moment that broke her life, came flooding back to her in fragmented pools of blood and body parts.
         “Fuck you, you sick piece of shit!” she screamed into the phone. How anyone could bring themselves to play this kind of joke was unbelievable.
         Silence… Then another giggle. It sounded almost unearthly.
         “So fresh… broke them. Daughter… such juice. Never touched. Wife… unexpected. Enjoyed… the tearing. Made her watch. Cut them… tasted them. Took… their eyes. Now they… always watch. Come… bring them. Finish you. Watch.”
         Julie dropped the receiver and fell to her knees, sobs wracking her body from head to toe. This wasn’t a prank. It was him. They’d never released the information about the eyes. How. They’d caught him. They’d caught him and he was going away forever. She could still hear the raspy giggling floating out of the phone. Crawling over to the cabinet by the stove, she managed to wrench the drawer open and, shoving her hand into its depths, connected with cold steel. She pulled the gun out and stared at it, shaking in her withering grip. She had no other choice; she would never be safe, and what did she have to live for anymore?
         Staring into the endless darkness of the barrel, she saw her and Emily’s wedding day. She saw Terri’s Second birthday party, the princess theme perfectly situated in the fairytale garden she’d spent three months planting. She saw smiles and laughter and love, now dead and strung up like birds caught hanged in a fishing line. Then, she pulled the trigger and saw nothing.
         As bits of Julie’s blood and brain matter kissed the white linen of the kitchen window, a scuffle and two new voices came over the receiver, its pinhole eyes glaring at the grisly scene before it.
         “What is he doing? He’s touching himself! Get the phone away from him!”
         “Who did he call? Oh god, I know this number. Mrs. Holmes? Mrs. Holmes are you there?”