I love baths. Usually, daddy helps me, but I like it more when he leaves me be, all to my own world, swimming with my favorite creatures in my deep white and blue sea. Down in the tub, I can imagine myself dipping and diving with dolphins and riding along on a seal’s furry slick back, weaving in and out of coral reefs and just being *free*.

Sometimes, I like to hold my breath; I challenge myself. I’m getting bigger and stronger as I get older. I can hold my breath for a whole minute now!

Tonight, I took a big breath and dove down to the bottom of the ocean floor. On the way, I said hello to all sorts of creatures swimming in big wide circles. I hit the bottom and spread myself out like a starfish, my little curling arms reaching across the white sheet of sand.

I stayed like that; a good, gentle starfish, happy and waving and stretching. Then, I saw the Shark come slipping out of the shadows. The Shark is a mean creature who likes to nip at my toes and whisper bad things in my ears. One time, he bit me so hard that I actually bled; the little droplets drifted through the water like tiny red clouds I could push my fingers through.

This time, the Shark dove straight for my thighs. He sank his big white teeth in and I screamed into the water, the shock bubbling out of me in a big wave. I thrashed and thrashed, kicking and trying to get away, but he held on tight.

I grasped at my breath like a slippery fish that was trying to get away, and I started to get just the slightest bit sleepy. My head filled with light, and I gulped down streams of water.

Then, I floated up. My body swam on its own. I circled up through my wonderful reefs, saying hello to all of my friends, my shrimps and dolphins and seals and whales. They all watched me, silent, as I broke the surface of the ocean and floated up to touch the bathroom ceiling. The light in the middle flickered as I came near, and though I was still wet, not a single drop fell from me.

I looked down and saw daddy; he looked frightened. His shirt was wet and his eyes bugged out like two hardboiled eggs in his head. He was splashing away in my deep blue sea, tugging at something that looked an awful lot like me; it couldn’t be, though, cause here I was in the biggest ocean of them all. Her eyes were open, white as the sea floor, and I could see little spidery cracks of red in them like wriggling anemones. Her lips were fat and blue and she looked scared and frozen. I wished I could help her, but I was having far too much fun swimming in the new ocean that’d opened up before me.