welcome, internet vagrants

i’ve had a lot of different iterations of websites and smegbites over the years, from pet projects to interactive bullwizzles. this, i hope, will be my final resting ground. i’m ready to die here.

if you don’t know, my name is sade. if you can’t tell, i like to make up words and have a tenuous––at best––grasp on the concepts of reality, but hey, i don’t write the scenes, i just tear up the pages.

anyway, i’m a writer, painter, musician, dancer, general artist thing––in other words, i do shit. i do shit well, sometimes. other times, i do shit… shit.

in addition to being a shit-doer, i also live and work fulltime in a mobile bookstore named THE ROAD VIRUS. no big deal, just a lifelong dream come true ‘sall

i’ll be using this blog to document my travels, general acceptance of heatdeath via megafuck unibrain, and other such things.

hop along,