i have a really hard time writing about myself, but when forced to do so, i can usually jump to the task and/or piss myself in self-defense

i’m a 27 year old void of a human being. born in the US northeast and dropping out of formal education at a very young age, i spent most of my early years traveling, learning about the world––and how incredibly fucked up it was. i’ve been obsessed with the odd and generally offputting since i was too young to know why the adults in my life thought i was “weird” and “should get a healthier hobby”

i wrote my first terrible story about a magic gemstone that killed an entire planet and used its lifejuices to form a better one when i was around six years old, and since then, i’ve had a ball in finding a healthy outlet for an extremely overactive imagination

besides writing fiction––mostly sticking to the overarching bridge of ‘speculative’––i also write poetry and nonfiction, and have an unhealthy obsession with gonzo/new journalism

in 2017, i bought a bookmobile with my best friend, started a business named THE ROAD VIRUS, and have taken to the backroads of the US in hopes of spreading the germ of literacy

aside from writing, i’m a voracious reader, painter, lover of all things vintage electronic, musician, and dancer

for a more professional-sounding bio, sans artistic license and swearing, click here